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Soal PAS (PAT) Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 2

Materi bahasa inggris kelas 4 semester 2 meliputi nama-nama makanan dan minuman (foods and drinks). Nama-nama binatang (animals). Nama-nama hari, bulan, dan tahun (days, months, and years). Berbagai macam cuaca (weathers) dan musim (seasons).

Pastikan kamu sudah mengerjakan soal PTS (penilaian tengah semester) kelas 4 semester 2. Selamat mengerjakan soal!

Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 2

Pilihan Ganda
Soal No.1
Look the following picture!
Dedek likes this food. It is . . .
A. Sunny side up
B. Rice
C. Porridge
D. Fried chicken

Soal No.2
Dika has orange, water, and sugar. He can make. . .
A. Milk
B. Tea
C. Soap
D. Juice

Soal No.3
It is food produced by bees. It is. . .
A. Sugar
B. Honey
C. Flour
D. Butter

Soal No.4
It likes dirty places and can fly. It eats the rubbish. It is...
A. Worm
B. Camel
C. Bird
D. Fly

Soal No.5
Look the following picture!
This animal eats grass. This is. . .
A. Goat
B. Dog
C. Giraffe
D. Grasshopper

Soal No.6
Sinta takes some eggs from them. They are eating corn. They are. . .
A. Pig
B. Owl
C. Chicken
D. Crab

Soal No.7
This animal likes bones. It always barks when looking strange people. It is. . .
A. Dog
B. Cat
C. Rabbit
D. Tortoise

Soal No.8
Look the following picture!
This animal is. . ..
A. Ant
B. Tiger
C. Monkey
D. Horse

Soal No.9
9. The first day is . . .
A. Sunday
B. Tuesday
C. Monday
D. Thursday

Soal No.10
The seventh month is . . .
A. August
B. July
C. June
D. September

Soal No.11
Today is Friday. What day will it be tomorrow?
A. Thursday
B. Tuesday
C. Saturday
D. Monday

Soal No.12
This month is March. The last month is. . .
A. January
B. February
C. April
D. May

Soal No.13
Look the following picture!
How is the weather like on that picture?
A. Cloudy
B. Flood
C. Rainny
D. Sunny

Soal No.14
Look the following picture!
We can look the fields are rich with beautriful flower in. . . .
A. Autumn season
B. Summer seasonr
C. Spring season
D. Winter season

Soal No.15
How many seasons are there in U.K?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

Nilai =
Nilai Tertinggi (Maksimal): 100
Yuk kirim nilai kalian kepada guru! 📘 📣

  1. Ant like to eat it. It is. . .
  2. Meat ball, rice, and fried chicken are the name of…
  3. Juice, coffee, and fresh water are the name of. . .
  4. Their colour is pink. The duck like eating them. They are. . .
  5. It like eating mouse. It is. .
  6. February comes before. . .
  7. Between Wednesday and Friday is.. .
  8. One day after Tuesday is
  9. Western countries have . . . seasons
  10. In winter season, we must wear. . . .

    Indonesia have two seasons. They are dry and wet seasons. In the dry season, the weather is hot. The sun shine brightly so the people are sweaty. In wet season, the weather is cold. It rans every day. Sometimes it is windy and stormy. The flood is everywhere. The sky is often dark.
  1. How many seasons are there in Indonesia?
  2. How is the weather in the dry season?
  3. How is the weather in the wet season?
  4. Does it rain in the the dray season?
  5. Why are people sweaty in the dry season?

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