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Soal PAS (PAT) Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 2

Materi bahasa inggris kelas 5 semester 2 meliputi cara menanyakan harga suatu benda, satuan barang, pekerjaan-pekerjaan yang berkaitan dengan hotel, berbagai ruangan di hotel, tempat-tempat umum dan fungsinya (public service), menyatakan posisi suatu benda.

Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 2

Sebelum kalian mengerjakan soal berikut, alangkah baiknya sudah pernah mengerjakan soal-soal PAS (penilaian akhir semester) bahasa inggris kelas 5 semester 1 dan PTS (penilaian tengah semester) kelas 5 semester 2. 

Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 2

Pilihan Ganda
Soal No.1
Suma : ……… is a tin of milk?
Tude : It is Rp.50.000,00
A. How many
B. How much
C. How good
D. How far

Soal No.2
Kirana : ……. books do you buy?
Puspita : I buy five books
A. How much
B. How many
C. How far
D. How fast

Soal No.3
This coffee is bitter, take me a spoon full of . . . . , please!.
A. Salt
B. Sugar
C. Flour
D. Cheese

Soal No.4
After shopping, Jio pay to the. . . .
A. Baker
B. Sales
C. Cashier
D. Store Manager

Soal No.5
Look the following picture!
Sania buys a kilo of . . . . . and a bottle of . . . .
A. Grape, juice
B. Watermelon, butter
C. Mango, honey
D. Pineapple, milk

Soal No.6
Mr. Dede . . . . . .apples in tradisional market. He gets a lot of money
A. Buys
B. Looks
C. Opens
D. Sells

Soal No.7
A man who gives advice and direction about the duty in the hotel is. . . .
A. Chief
B. Cook service
C. Supervisor
D. Secretary

Soal No.8
Look the following picture!
Ratna does. . ..
A. Laundry
B. Clean
C. Brush
D. Cut

Soal No.9
The guests are angry and not satisfied to stay in that hotel because. .
A. The receptionist is polite
B. The bell boys are helpful
C. The hotel is clean
D. The service isn’t good

Soal No.10
The place to wait for someone in the hotel is. . .
A. Roommate
B. Convention Hall
C. Manager’s room
D. Lounge

Soal No.11
We can buy postage stamps in the. . .
A. Gas station
B. Post office
C. School
D. Market

Soal No.12
We can buy some comics in the. . .
A. Hotel
B. Store
C. Bank
D. Airport

Soal No.13
Look the following picture!
This place is where we can. . . .
A. Buy drugs
B. Get medicine treatment
C. Sell fruit and food
D. Chill out

Soal No.14
Look the following picture!
The flowers are. . . .the table
A. On
B. Under
C. In
D. Below

Soal No.15
The plane is. . . .the building
A. Inside
B. In
C. Above
D. Opposite

Nilai =
Nilai Tertinggi (Maksimal): 100
Yuk kirim nilai kalian kepada guru! 📘 📣

  1. The doctor treats the. . . .in the ICU room
  2. The opposite of west is…
  3. . . . . is the nearest hotel from here?
  4. Ita is. . . . .a letter. Then she send it to Jakarta
  5. Mr. post man. . . . the letter to me
  6. They took books. ….the table
  7. Agus buys . . . .. of shampoo
  8. How. . . . .is a glass of orange juice?
  9. ….. you ever stay in that hotel?
  10. We open an account and save the money in the. . . .

    It is David’s classroom. It is very tidy and clean. There are many things in his classroom. The vase is on the table. The flowers are in the vase. The calender is on the wall. There is a red bag on the table. It is Mr. Brown’s. The broom is behind the door. The ball is under the table.
  1. How is David’s classroom?
  2. What is on the wall?
  3. What is behind the door?
  4. Where is the Mr. Brown’s bag?
  5. Is the ball between the table?

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